Monday, March 8, 2021


So many phone calls today, reminding me that despite the isolation, I have a Community. Life is rich and good, even though hope was hard today.
Judy and I had a Jedi Council of two, and it was a special treat. We'll check in with the guys next month, and it was nice to have some girl-time. We talked about education generally and teaching specifically, and she was instrumental in helping me set down my guilt for being reluctant to teach, at least in the traditional sense. 
During my conversation with Tank, we talked (as always) about everything and nothing, and I felt heard and seen. I am very blessed.

As I was walking Little Dog under the waning sliver of moon, I smiled. Tea was steeping back in the apartment, extra ginger in the infuser along with the loose leaves, and simply being out in the night spring air was delightful. I told Tank about the Quaker pilgrimage I want to take and the book that will come of it. Just talking about that helped hope be more available and less weighty.
In between naps, it was a productive day. Philosophy posts were edited, schedules updated, and a new series launched. I wrote the first draft of the conference paper for Saturday (I am of course also helping host the panel. Why am I like this?) The conversation with a delegate about educational policy and leadership got rescheduled, as did the meeting with a philosophy student. I messed about with Writing. 

My brain has had a lot of activity lately, so I doubled up on the milk and had some salmon. Tiu is a big fan of the fact that I don't eat the skin -- he thinks it's divine. He seems to be recovering from surgery very well. Bonus: he's overall calmer, though still playful.

The line about the sweaters makes me laugh.
Every. Single. Time.