Saturday, December 29, 2018

It All Started with Yarn

One day, about 13 fullmoons ago, I had a rotten afternoon. I was edgy and angsty and emotional.  Inspiration and creativity are my best tools when this happens, and connection with others opens me to possibilities. I looked at Vivian and said, "Want to go to the yarn store?"

And we were off.
We talked with Gina about everything, but mostly of big smooshy futures without limits. We fell in love with yarn, of course, and we each came home with a projects worth of atisan dyed goodness.

Within a week I had two insights:
1) I was going to need more yarn and
2) The Manis Yarns artist village was a too-well kept secret. I was going to need to write about it, and to have a photographer go with me.

By the end of the next full moon I had a lovlel dress designed, for inspired to update my hair cut, and was in need of an agent.

Time passed, as it always does, filling in the books and crannies with due dates and task lists. It was filled with its own inspiration and creativity, new bits of voice to explore and bring forth as well as the mundane details and navigation of the landscape of reality.

Today the yarn is speaking to me again.
This time not of sheath dresses in poorboy knit, but of a piece on empowerment and social justice.

A piece about what empowerment of indigenous people and women really looks like. Decision making etc. Process mapping the whole thing while amplification of the results. A piece about what a community organized around justice entails, how it works, and why it matters.

And, you know, yarn.
Always with the yarn.