Saturday, December 2, 2017

Out and about

Harvey and I met up with some Friends to attend the NAACP luncheon on peace and social justice. It was an inspiring and uplifting gathering, and Jeff May's message was motivating. As a lovely bit of synchronicity, I was seated next to Idella Glenn of Hollins. We had a lovely chat during the event.

After the Friends dispersed, we visited the local yarn store and I got advice on where to get test knitters and technical editing for the dress pattern (ravelry, of course) and talked yarn weights and processes and more fiber goodness.

Then we made our way downtown, where we got some sipping chocolate, talked about what we had learned, and relaxed.

We grabbed a pizza from Buddy Marconi's across the street and considered ourselves off the hook for cooking for the day.  They sell a 28" pizza and give away $500 if you eat it all in an hour. I didn't make it all the way through my single slice of pepperoni; it's huge.

In the village, we dropped in on Erica at the toy store to give her an Advent gift and to enjoy caroling on the porch. I love that place.

Before going home, we caught up with Linda at Too Many Books. I have been eyeing a stitches book that she has and finally decided to buy it for the home library.

We played Quiddler while we ate pizza and then picked up some oranges and sundries at the co-op before watching Mr. Robot.

Another fantastic Saturday in the Village.

Sipping chocolate at the chocolate store

Caroling on the toy store porch

Planning my next project