Thursday, November 18, 2010

Resting and Reading time

My reading has seen a serious slowdown lately, what with the pregnancy, the second move, the new job and the new schools. But the whole family is enjoying reading The Lost Hero, the first of another five-part story of demigods and quests. I'm nearly finished, and Graeme is reading it behind me. We have a second copy, and Ethan is about halfway through.

At bedtime, one or both of the boys will read to their sister. Ethan is reading from The Lightening Thief, and Graeme has read three of the Frog and Toad volumes and is looking forward to moving on to longer stories.

My mom has a couple recliners that she is giving us, and we are going to put them in the nursery, so that when the baby is here we can hold her and read to her all at the same time.