Friday, September 7, 2007

welcome back

I've been away for a bit, as it's been a busy, connectivity-free summer since the accident.

And what do i find when I log in this morning? A completely redesigned interface at amazon. Usually i don't discuss sites themselves (i'm more about the message than the medium), but I have to say: this update is remarkably cool. well done guys.

The boys have started school again. Yay. David and I attended the first-of-the-year meeting and were overwhelmingly impressed with Ethan's performance reports. His teacher is a godsend, and told us nothing but wonderful things. His last comment was "I expect you will see a much more mature child by the end of the year." Ethan is a delight to have in class, apparently, and is fitting in extremely well with his peers. David and I wanted to cheer and certainly relayed the great news to Ethan at home.

With the boys in school, I'm on the job hunt again. I have applications in to the City of Salem, Virginia Tech, and elsewhere. Wish me luck.

Jennifer and Jaime and I have been in contact more. I'm really thankful for the girl time, actually. I have missed them both ever so much and it makes my day to chat and laugh with them. David is taking me on a date tomorrow, and we are both looking forward to it. After I told Jennifer (and we did the "omigod, what are you going to wear" thing), she asked what the occaision was. Nothing, just that we haven't been out on a formal date in far too long. So we have reservations at a great restaurant and plans for the day. I'm thrilled.

David's family reunion happened over Labour Day weekend, and I was introduced to cousins and aunts and relations galore. There were four generations that i counted, and each had a healthy showing of attendants. I really enjoyed the day immensely, and we even ended up inviting a cousin or three to stay with us when they are in town next (and meant it!). Very cool.

The elbow is still healing, of course. The scar is coming along nicely, and i can bend the arm back and forth. I don't have full mobility as yet, and don't have full strength by any means, but can cut my own food and lift plates and shoot the pistol once again. Life is good.