Thursday, September 20, 2007

catagorically speaking

Current status: still looking for a job. the latest rejection letter took less than an hour. I think that might be a new record, even for me. Funny enough, after lunch when I logged in to my google home page, i found the answer waiting in the stars. Aries: Your desire to focus on career issues doesn't necessarily mean that you will be successful today at what you do. Frustration may accompany your disappointment if you don't reach your goals now, so it's important to remember that this is not an indication of failure. Things can take longer than you think and it's just a waste of your energy to be overly hard on yourself. Okay. Great advice. Pass the bubblebath.

Lately I'm thinking: spaghetti is some pretty good stuff.

Currently reading: the Stephanie Plum series. I picked up the ninth out of the free book box at Salem Library and it was so funny i was howling with laughter. Honest. I even read some to David and made him laugh. Books one through five i found when we went to the Craig County Public Library Book Sale this past weekend, and picked them up for 50 cents each. How cool is that? It's total brain candy, but I swear that if laughter is the best medicine, this is a closet full of cure. We also scored a bunch of Michael Crichton neither of us has read and a few random tomes besides. Still no real solutions to where to put all the books, but David and I are gonig to do some serious dreaming and talking about expansions and the like while we work on the hen house this weekend.

Currently watching: David and I continue to be halfway through season one of 24. We tend to watch Firefly with the boys, and when we're by ourselves, we are either busy or sleeping. Not a bad thing, overall.

We had Jeff and Curtis out for dinner after a day of team-building activities was over. It was good to reconnect, and I'm looking forward to having some of the girlfriends out soon as well. Julie and Jennifer are closest geographically, but Keira and Jaime make the list in their own right as well of course.

With the beautiful fall weather, I'm looking forward to planting bulbs. What with twelve acres, my imagination is running wild and dancing with visions of giant crocus, wood hyacinth, and thalia daffodil o, and grecian windflowers, too. i think they are bee-YOU-tee-full. and deer-resistant, to boot.