Thursday, June 8, 2023

A very smokey Thursday

The air smells smokey and I could taste it on my walk to the gym, and then my walk with Kat. We did 1.5 miles, and it was a nice walk and talk about not much of anything. We both love talking about apartment layouts and possibilities and of course TheRentSituationTheseDays, and it was all very nice. This continues to be a great start to my day.


I took the clean towels to my gym locker, which addressed the last of the Laundry folding issue, and it was nice to have the couch visible when I walked in.


Yesterday I made a frittata from the massive amount of eggs and spinach that I had and it was really good. I added  mushrooms, scallions, and radishes, and the radishes really roasted nicely, giving just the right amount of starchiness and substance. How to Make a Frittata.





There was enough that I have several grab-and-go slices in the fridge, and I like this. The bread that I made yesterday has just the right amount of crispness to make a nice sandwich from a slice of the frittata. The flavor has a depth that makes me want to make grilled cheese, which is never a bad thing.


I've had difficulty with aspirating this morning -- sometimes the neurology gets the wires crossed and "swallow but don't breathe" doesn't worksmoothly. Then I end up coughing, which sparks a headache and wears me out. Combined with the air quality this leaves me tired and wanting to just crawl in my cave. I'm very grateful I work remotely.


I have acupuncture at lunchtime, and I'm looking forward to it.

I didn't go get the milk yesterday, so I'll need to go down and fetch it this evening before I meet with my writing student. 

Life is good.