Saturday, November 19, 2022

Cold Begone Soup for one

When you've got what might be the flu, the last thing you want to do is stand around preparing elaborate soup. Of course, soup is exactly what you need.

Furthermore, soup for one always seems a ridiculous statement, a nearly impossible undertaking.

Yet here we are, and I'm happy to report that the little rice steamer earns it's jeep once again. It's perfect for soup for one. If you're whole family are sick, feel free to upsize this from the little rice steamer to the regular (or even industrial) sized one.

The simplest route is to put some chicken broth (bone or regular) in the steaming bowl and add noodles. If you add nothing else, I recommend turmeric powder and black pepper, especially if you have aches and chills. Other goodies to help hasten healing include fresh garlic, possibly a bit of sage (though it can take over the palate).  For flavor, throw in some chopped celery (stalk or leaves) and a bit of carrot. Be sure there's enough liquid that the noodles are swimming.

Cover and press "cook." When it all starts to boil, set a timer for ten minutes or so, depending on your noodles. Ladle the results directly into a bowl and serve -- golden noodle soup for one.

Rest, drink water, and enjoy.