Saturday, January 29, 2022

Vivian is a delight

Vivian is a delight.

She likes being part of the building, and walked right up and said hi to people while we were doing the elevator thing, and inside the apartment she sloughed off coat and shoes and started gabbing my ear off. Pizza was on the way, so we talked and soon she was scrolling through Prime video asking if we could watch Spirit, which she says she hasn't seen in ages (and is something I purchased years ago, so it was an easy yes). We let the pizza guy in and then snuggled under blankets to watch together. She didn't want to go out because of the cold, and we started working on the pony farm some more when her dad insisted we leave the apartment. We put everything aside and got ready for the gym.

She loves her new swimsuits, and I'm not surprised. She chose the mermaid patterned one for today, and we had a ball in the pool. It got a little crowded just about the time we were wearing out, and we showered and did locker room stuff and then hightailed it back to the apartment-- the wind chill is no joke. 

She got the pony farm pieces out while I set up a pot of water for boiling cellantani, which I covered in a very cheesy white sauce and served with green beans on the side. She said my dinners are better than our favorite restaurant. We finished another third or so of the pony farm and then watched the first part of Soul, which she has seen and I have not, and to which she was pleased to introduce me. It was a beautiful time together.