Saturday, October 10, 2020

Ghostly Weather

The weather is straight out of a Gothic novel, all dreary damp and cold, with days of rain forecast. The air is cold without the usual autumnal crisp -- it's enough to make a girl want to do nothing more than read or knit.

After finishing Brenda's scarf, I knocked about a bit, uncertain what to put on the needles next. The October Sky blue called to me, and now I have a small fireside throw in the making. It's a bit narrower than most afghans, designed to cover your lap as you sit in a favorite chair and listen to friends with tea or tuck in with popcorn and a movie.

Also, I was missing cables, so it's got oodles of them.

This weekend The Haunting of Bly Manor drops in Netflix, a modern interpretation of James's Turn of the Screw. Knitting and watching a proper English ghost story seems just right.