Monday, July 23, 2018

A strange morning

Last night the thunderstorm woke me up at ten or so - I lay there for a good bit before caring what time it was.

Then I decided to see what was on the stage at my new favorite venue, #OccupyLafayetteSquare. I had heard there might be opera singers and bagpipes, and I wondered if it would be one act or two, and who would open for whom. Sure enough, the scene was rocking the (White) House when I checked in, with the crowd going wild. Apparently Our Dear Leader (ODL) was just walking in, and the people greeted him with the exuberance for which America is known. "Lock him up!" They repeated the cries with dedication and singleness of heart. It was impressive, and, more importantly, it seems to have been heard. Within an hour or so, an All caps missile was fired by ODL, targeting Iran and swooping toward war in 280 characters or less.

I thought it might be the a fake, so I ventured out to the internet only to find that a man shot 14 people in Toronto and that people are dying in Japan of the heat. This seemed proof that perhaps I was dreaming, and I decided to go back to sleep.

This morning it's all still there.