Monday, January 9, 2017

Into Action

"Peace: to accept what must be.
to know what endures."
Tao Te Ching (Translated by Ursula K. Le Guin), #16

Into Action: What Must Be
There are simple elements that create the core of my world, and working with them, keeping them as my center and my focal point, allows stability to blossom, invites peace into my life from every angle, and ultimately becomes a life that holds me, refreshes and sustains me and those around me. For now, a list will suffice as I become mindful by writing the elements and feeling how they craft a whole, a life greater than the sum of its parts. Once I have written down the path that lies before me, I can graph it into a chart.

What Must Be Daily:
  • Quiet waking - 5:30
  • Walking in the morning, before the rest of the day has had a chance to write its ways upon my soul.
  • Sauna and shower after walking
  • Going to work with a calm spirit
  • Reading in the tao
  • Writing in the journal
  • Working mindfully through the day
  • Quiet rest in the evenings - dinner & cards
  • Quiet rest in the evenings: Reading for class
  • Quiet rest for bedtime 

What Must Be Weekly:
  • Women's Meeting - Monday
  • Acupuncture - Tuesday
  • Therapy: Heidi - Tuesday
  • Yoga: Tuesday
  • Therapy: Family - Thursday
  • Yoga - Thursday
  • Bake Cookies & Crackers -  Friday,  Saturday
  • Library - Saturday
  • Friends Meeting - Sunday
  • The weekly reset routine - Sunday
  • Gym - walk, swim, weights
  • Sauna
  • Quiet time - silent afternoon
  • Fire and television and early bedtime

What Must Be This Month:
  • Yoga Therapy - 1/27
  • Register for Classes - 1/9
  • Project Development: Food Sales 1/9-1/31
  • Pay Off Credit Cards 1/2
  • Pay Off 2016 Medical 1/3
  • Reduce Legal Debt 1/4
  • Pay Fall Term Balance 1/5
  • Pay Spring Term Deposit 1/6
  • Buy Grain Mill, Pasta Press and Grain Flaker 1/1
  • Create brochure
    • Flours
    • Dry Goods
    • Snacks