Sunday, April 24, 2016

Smart Watch Wish List

  • Perfectly fine in the water. Recognizes swimming strokes and possibly evaluates them.
  • Seven day battery life while in monster-tracking mode. This would give some kind blowing regular mode life, like a month or something, but how cool would that be? Go hiking for a month, tell time, record all your fitness stuff for after.
  • A camera. I know I'm being silly, but hey - a camera with storage to the cloud through 4G or whispernet or smoke signals and fairy dust. Storage of a dozen or so photos on device.
  • Crazy accurate constant heart monitor
  • Steps, stairs, running, calories, sleep tracking: all the stuff we take for granted in a fitness tracker
  • Auto recognition of activities: swimming, hiking, biking, running.
  • Fitness activity database and common activities selection (yoga, martial arts, calisthenics, weights, elliptical, rowing)
  • Electric nfc for locks to front door, garage, gym locker, personal fire safe, bike lock, etc.
  • Check in at work or school - GPS maps
  • Proximity sensor / locator for team watches 
  • Scan and track others in your team (Vivian is swimming, Heidi is still, Ethan is on a run - over 3 miles so far, Graeme is listening to music)