Sunday, April 24, 2016

Accidentally productive

Kind of a weird day that morphed into getting a lot one, though more incidentally than on purpose.

Meditation was cancelled, so I went back home and ended up ordering my new Mac. It should be here in a week ish.
I cleaned the counters and the downstairs half bath, then went to campus and wrote the cover letter for the Fellowship, updated my resume, chose a writing sample, applied for the fellowship, did the edits for the print version of the thesis, and wrote a bunch of emails that I had been neglecting.

On the way home, I picked up five bags of mulch and two bags of potting soil. I cleAned out the fridge and then Vivian and I went to the co-op for a couple things, but mostly because she wanted peas and hasn't had them in forever. We met some nice folks n the way out, talked a bit, then played in the courtyard before going home for dinner and several hands of crazy eights, most of which she won. She's good, I'm telling you.

Now teeth are brushed, songs sung, and we are tired indeed. Time for tuck ins for both of us.