Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Home bodies

Still feeling a bit tender, so staying home and nesting, making use of the Surprising Spring weather and the clean-and-neaten energy it brought. Responding to the present is what this challenge is all about.
Opportunities abound, if we are available and present to see them.
The new office is painted and drying. The graduation regalia is purchased. I splurged on college logo pajamas, since my old flannel pants are loose enough to cause mobility issues, in that it's difficult to walk when your pants are sliding down your bum.
Vivian went with me on errands and was a delight. She is settling in to the routine nicely, better even than I could have hoped, and I'm more glad than ever that I allowed myself the permission to reschedule my world to accommodate being present with her.
We made buttermilk biscuits and bacon for breakfast, then repurposed them with some grapes for lunch.
And now a bit of rest time.