Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Winter table talk

Winter is the perfect time to try out some new paleo recipes. First, paleo makes use of all those delicious and nutritious root vegetables that we usually glance at and reach past while we grab the stand-by favorite white spud. Get to roasting with rutabagas and parsnips - your body will love you for it.

And speaking of your body, you'll look great during the festive season for adding in a bit of paleo, which helps you lose body fat. Eat this way all week and then indulge without guilt at the parties of the season.

And the season is the best reason of all: paleo recipes are chock full of the stuff that is seasonally available. Perfect for pairing with the freezer meats, so you can save your money for champagne! And so much of what is made this way can be set up in the crock pot to be warm and welcoming as you walk in the door, perfect for chasing the chill away.

Paleo shepherd's pie
Cornish hen and roast vegetables (crock pot)
Beef stew (crock pot)
Rutabaga nests with eggs
Lemon pepper chicken with roast cauliflower and green beans
Filet mignon wrapped in bacon, with butternut squash and broccoli
Ginger cardamom yam soup