Friday, March 1, 2013

Let There Be Friday

This morning I am feeling the effects of yesterday's deadlifts: My legs ache in ways they never have before, and I'm feeling stronger and taller in my lower back; may arms feel better, too. Harvey and I didn't make it to the gym this morning, mostly in favor of sleep, but given the ow-ow-ow factor of walking-standing-sitting, I'm thinking a day in between bouts was wise.

Even so, the office kitchen continues to be home to random planking, push-ups and leg lifts. I think the co-workers are getting accustomed to it at this point.

Last night I kind of hit a wall emotionally -- the demands on my time and attention seem to be relentless, and while I am a big fan of each and every one of them, it is the constancy of it all that is getting to me. The upside is that I think everyone in the house realized that I simply needed some down time, and then they proceeded to make certain I got it. Kudos to my awesome family.

Karate nights have been rescheduled to Monday and Wednesday only, with occasional Saturday mornings and seminars, belt-tests and workshops. This lightens up the load a bit, which is really, really nice for everyone involved. Ethan is talking about getting a job, and his gang of Wild Things seems to do much of everything together outside of school. The Wild Things are coming over for the cooking fest tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to having their uniquely boisterous energy about.