Thursday, January 10, 2013

A little bit closer each day

The gym was not nearly as crowded this morning -- the January joiners seem to be thinning out fairly quickly. I'm not complaining; they help keep my membership low. But it was nice to be able to be back on the bike without having to wait, and to have our choice of machines as we looked around.

Tonight after work my company is throwing a celebratory gathering at a restaurant downtown, and because of my various achievements last year, I have been invited. It is nice, but a little strange, as I don't usually mix a social life with my professional one.

The tree has to come down either tonight or Sunday, and I think it is going to break Vivian's heart. She says good morning to it, waves good-bye to it as we go out the door in the morning, and says hello to it first thing when we come home. Sometimes she hugs it. I'm going to feel like a major heel.
I end up in places that are wonderful, surprising, great. I just didn’t know I would get there when I started.