Friday, May 18, 2012


If performance-enhancing drugs are illegal for athletes, shouldn't photoshop be illegal for models?

Things that make me happy:
Sunshine breaks at work
Random text messages

On the menu:
The last few days have seen a veritable plethora of leftovers, and it has resulted in a wonderful easy evening, satisfying fare, and a cleaned out fridge.

On the To-Do list:
Make lightweight skirts for swing dancing
Green Belt test (six sigma, not martial arts)
Perfecting that tesseract move

On the kindle:
The Red Pyramid, Rick Riordan

On my mind:
Mortgages, kitchen counters and fireplaces

On the tube:
Game of Thrones

On the Needle:
I'm getting the itch to make toys, dresses and skirts. I'll keep you posted on what shakes out. I just discovered Ravelry, and my mind is awash in possibilities.

On the calendar:
Block Party on Sunday.
Hanging out with Lizzy and Mary. We have swing dance on Tuesday and are still trying to figure out when we are going rock climbing.