Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Things I've learned from my sons (and stepson)

1. Fist-bumping.
2. That mock wrestling really is mandatory.
3. Tickling girls is a great way to show that you like them.
4. Any time could be cookie time (duh).
5. Leftover pizza is breakfast. Cold. We planned it that way.
6. The rule about not drinking out of a container does not apply to the last sip.
7. Bodily functions are the height of hilarity. Especially farts.
8. They didn't know they were that strong, either. (But they are glad they are. )
9. Any dispute, at any age, at any time, for (nearly) any reason can be solved with the phrase "Wanna go shoot some hoops -- play xbox -- hunt?"
10. They are not just a clan; they are a pack. And they will defend each other to the death.
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