Thursday, October 1, 2009


Note: a challenge is on the horizon. Take care to be mindful of October's lessons and opportunities.

4 - break through barriers
8 - get your feet under you; stay grounded and down to business
9 - change the things that aren't working and hold on to the rest; favorable time for negotiations; deal with negative behavior patterns
10 - arguments possible as things you are ready to let go of are revealed
12 - express needs clearly; alliances are under scrutiny
13 - responsibility in relationships is highlighted
16 - how much are you giving up to have peace in your life and where is better balance needed?
20-23 - open mindedness allows reception of lessons and messages from the soul; pay attention to dreams and desires
28 - gain strength from the Truth; creativity aids perspicacious investigation of events; what do you need in order to feel truly at ease and cared for?
29 - restlessness and a desire for change, especially as regards relationships, justice, marriage and beauty
31 - essence of who we are is revealed through clouds of personality and ego; a good day for sharing love and truth in couples; we can see what is important and what we truly need to be comfortable