Monday, May 18, 2009


We have been busy this month. Ethan went to his firt tournament. Graeme hung out in the hammock, giving it the first test-nap of the season. We have tilled the garden, and the three week old corn and bean seeds are producing leaves and shoots. We have a volunteer garlic plant growing in the compost, and the walkway roses planted a couple weekends ago are sporting buds, with one overachiever opening a bloom already. The potatoes, onions, tomatoes, peppers and beets got put in the ground this weekend, and David did his totally-cool superman thing to nearly double the amount of hanging space I have.

I turned in the article for the third time on Friday, and haven't heard a request for a rewrite yet, which leaves me optistic that it is acceptable.

The boys and David got me even more roses for Mother's Day, a tradition which continues to move me. Then we planted some at my mom's, spent time at his mom's, and came home tired but happy and a little sun-kissed.
I'm sorting through my junk this week, literally and emotionally. Spring is like that for me.