Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An eventful weekend it was.

On Saturday, Ethan took his test for the yellow belt. Keira arrived from New Hampshire just in time to hop in the car and join David and I to watch Ethan absolutely nail his kata. Ethan received his next belt and a grade of an A, one of only two in the class. David got to sit in the dojo and take pictures, which was wonderfully accommodating and supportive of the staff. Did I mention how much I like this program? The instructor, Grand Master Thomas, is wonderful, not only in his ability (which is a big wow), but in his attitude. When the students are ready for a belt test, they then have to be invited by the school and have to have both teachers and parents comments on their attitudes and performance outside of the school. Only then can they have the opportunity to test in front of the panel, which is intimidating in itself. Congratulations, Ethan. You earned it.