Friday, March 27, 2009

Ready for Roses and Respite

While I love what I do at work, the pace the last few weeks has been harrowing; I'm more than ready for the weekend. The roses I ordered ever so long ago arrived and I've picked out the spot to plant them, I think. I just need to make certain it will get enough sun. I'm planning on using the old garden bed frames for the rose bed (all 32 feet of it), and will need to get some peat moss to amend the soil.

Yes, yes, I know it is supposed to rain all weekend. These sorts of things can't be helped, and the roses will certainly prefer a watery welcome. We planted bulbs around the Don Juan, around the plum tree and along the edge of the driveway last week, but I'm not entirely convinced that our heavy soil will allow them to make a showing. It might be that we need to pick up the soil and add sand and peat moss there, as well. Not matter. I'm looking forward to some soil therapy.