Monday, June 30, 2008

Mr. Tumnus Rocks

David and I did the summer date thing, taking in Wanted on Saturday afternoon. Worth the price of admission, this film delivers, both as an action flick and with some decent thoughtful subpoints woven throughout. What is the point of faith and what does it require of its followers?

James Macavoy preforms well again, despite my feeling that his portrayal of Mr. Tumnus (my favorite character in Narnia) was likely the best anyone could have delivered, and would likely overshadow his role in this film. I was silly to worry, and came away with a more rounded appreciation of him as an actor.

Jolie returns to her gun-slinging role with panache, sexy and flirty with vulnerability and strength to boot. Seeing her interact with Morgan Freeman (in his library, no less!) was a piece of summer fare not to be missed.

If you liked Fight Club, see this movie.