Thursday, February 7, 2008

a matter of mindset

It’s a matter of mindset. My whole outlook right now can be summed up as a matter of will: I refuse to freak out. Ethan’s schooling troubles have gone from bad to worse to worst this week. On the one hand, this is troubling, of course. On the other, it’s relieving: I have decided I simply refuse to assume responsibility for Everything and have started communications (with the school’s full support) at various special educational facilities in the valley. So far I’m favoring Minnick, but as yet it is not a foregone conclusion. The school staff and David and I are having a meeting next week to determine where Ethan will be placed and how soon we can get him started. This is good news to me, not bad; it means that I am not the only one looking into alternatives anymore, that I am not the only one saying “this is not working.” So there – I feel as though I have more support than ever, frankly. David and I continue to work on our relationship, and this week we have covered quite meaningful ground. For his part, I have total sympathy: it can’t be easy to be invaded by three people with large and distinctly different personalities. And yet he has been, and has fallen in love with each of us. His life would be far simpler without our involvement, yet he has decided that the love and caring is more worthwhile than irritating, even when it is a hassle. Happy New Year. An online prediction for the upcoming Year of the Rat claims:
The year 2008 will be a year of possibilities, a time of progress; although, it may not generally be spectacular. Those who take the biggest risks could be disappointed. Everyone should, nevertheless, add something new to their lives.
For me, I predict that my life will smooth out (or ‘smoothen,’ as Graeme is fond of saying), and that this family will solidify and move forward in a way that is both meaningful and powerful. We’re cool like that.