Monday, February 11, 2008

due to the hurricane. . . .

This weekend's near hurricane-force winds put a severe damper on most activities, but David and I didn't notice much. We spent Saturday at home cooking, talking, enjoying each other and browsing at some land for sale nearby (too many restrictions and too overpriced). We left home on Sunday, where i got a much needed news fix while David played tennis. The blustery winds seem to be propelling Obama's campaign, and I can't wait to vote tomorrow. I also heard that congress passed the tax rebate, which is actually not a rebate at all, but an advance which is being covered by tacking the bill onto the national debt. O puh-LEEZE. enough already.

Confession: I have never contributed in a political campaign before in my life. I gave $50 to Obama, wishing it were more, and thanking the tuned-in Obama supporter who matched my contribution.

When we arrived home after a fun-filled browsing at Lowe's, one of our favorite outings together. We looked at high-efficiency, stackable washers and dryers and figured the lumber costs for the mudroom project. We looked for tankless hot water heaters, drolled over the 12-jet jacuzzi corner tub for two, and had lunch before heading back up the mountain where we discovered that we didn't have power. We napped until the boys came home, and started the generator and some dinner. While the rest of Craig county was without power -- and many of them without water or heat, as well pumps and furnaces need electricity too -- we watched Firefly and made chili. We enjoyed all the comforts of home, though at the cost of a gallon of cas an hour to power the house, I am investigating some wind and solar combination alternatives.

After tuck-ins, David and I finished watching Perfume: The Story of a Murderer which is weird and cool all at once. It is creepy and engaging, and beautifully filmed, a feast for the eyes, and filled with twists for the mind. On Saturday we watched more of Heroes (we're irrevocably hooked) and David brought me An Officer and a Gentleman which was as delightful as it ought to have been.