Friday, January 11, 2008

Whoops. Quit rewriting history.

HRC, in an attempt to rewrite history to suit her own campaign needs, claimed that it took a President to realize Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream. Well, let me tell you, I can spot bs rhetoric a mile away, and Obama's blueprint for change seems pretty really, and achievable, to me. Frankly, my vote would have been for MLKjr over LBJ any day. HRC is so deperate that she can't even see how dumb she is being. Please, let he continue to cast Mr. Obama deeply within Mr. King's shadow, but let's not ever pretend that some white President is responsible for gains to the civil rights cause. RFK and JFK did more to help advance everyone's reality than LBJ could ever dream, and MLK's dream was so powerful that it sparks hope in all who hear it, even 50 years later. This has caused an uprising in political opinion, but i doubt that it had the effect Mrs. Clinton wanted. From my favorite discussion on the matter so far:
Just how awful is this, on so many levels? "It took a President to get it done?" NO. It took a nation to get it done. It took a mass uprising to get it done. It took brave men and women to brave Bull Connor's thugs, firehoses, and dogs. It took an overriding popular will to see it throught. It took courage. It took inspiration. It took the the blood of martyrs and patriots. It took a movement. And the implication here is that African-Americans didn't make it happen, but rather that the nice white father figure in Washington got it done for them. Get her off the national stage before she disgraces herself any further.