Thursday, January 10, 2008

fired up, reading up

now that i've made my decision, i'm reading what other folks have to say about Obama and his candidacy. Frank, a registered republican, writes, "The candidacy of Barak Obama is a threat to the establishment democrats because he talks of returning the democratic party and the government of the United States back to the people. . . . . I believe however that the time has come in America for real change that will be seen and felt by common, hardworking citizens. I believe that Barak Obama is the only candidate who can facilitate the kind of change that the American citizens are longing for." momendo, another blogger for Obama, writes reasons she doesn't want HRC to be president. Alot of people are fired up, and I think that what has happened is since the Iowa caucus, the idea that change has a chance has finally come through. I'm looking forward to the coming weeks.