Wednesday, December 12, 2007

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This weekend we did the Christmas tree thing, going out to Joe’s Tree Farm and walking amongst the varieties until we found Just The Right One. We again chose a Frasier fir (as I think we always will), though this year we managed to get one not taller than the ceiling. Though that sounds laughable, it’s hard to remember where 8 feet is when you’re under the big blue sky.

The unseasonably warm weather was perfect for relaxing and enjoying ourselves at Joe’s, and we took advantage of the cider and carriage ride pulled by a team of Percheron. We love these horses and honestly, I enjoy the thought of getting a team of them. I have no idea how feasible it is, but I remain a fan of the draft horse over the more nimble variety (David and I tend to refer to them as “spindly.”) I’d like a team and a carriage, and I suppose my inner romantic tendencies are showing, but there they are. By the time we got home, we had spent all afternoon there, were happy and smelled of cider spices and tree sap, and were ready for some good food and tree setup, which we got to straight away.

I put some greenery on the mantle, and some across the piano, and held the tree for David once he had it inside the house and in the stand. I’ve found the boys’ stockings, but not David’s and mine, and haven’t found the holders for any of them yet (I think they are all together – somewhere).

I’m looking forward to Christmas shopping this weekend and to kicking back and enjoying myself. I’ve started reading The Looking Glass Wars and am totally engrossed. David and I are planning on going to see Beowulf this weekend, and we have promised each other time to play and listen to music and be together, as well as heading out to Barbara and Charlie’s for a round of bridge and chatting. We’ve also talked of possibly going up to the Bay to pick up a bushel of blue shell crab, but I think that will have to wait.

The holiday spirit has bitten everyone at work, with decorations, cookies and festivities in abundance. The last day of the work year here is officially the 24th, but few folks will be here, including myself. I’m looking forward to having the time off, to nestling down at home with the family, to visiting some friends and to discovering the new year.