Monday, November 26, 2007

Post-Holiday Report

A long time ago, I decided that Thanksgiving was far too stressful to be tolerated at my parents' house. So i gave it up. I know that sounds all sorts of weird, but it was one of the best decisions i had made in my young life. Now, some twenty years later, I found myself all dressed up and with my best manners on, feeling the same stressed what-have-i-done-wrong nerves while people I barely know were being rude to me. So that's about it for me and holiday visits with strangers: no more. David's siblings and mother have been appalling, and i bear no responsibility to present a third opportunity for abuse.

The good part of Thanksgiving was getting to talk with Keira and Jennifer that morning and afternoon. Both are doing well, and it looks as though we will be visiting Richmond way at Yuletide. I'm looking forward to seeing Jennifer and Jaime and their families, and Keira will be out in the summer if not before.

Friday saw my brother and his family (wife and two very young sons) visiting. A good time was truly had by all. We all hung out at Our House, ate some fantastic food, watched tv, and talked about our lives from the past year and what is coming up. Matt doesn't know when he will deploy to Afghanistan, but he's hoping it will be late enough that they can come for a visit on Christmas week, something I am looking forward to. He and David talked guns and stuff and got along quite well, while the boys all played together and Keilla and I talked food. It was so classically Thanksgivingsome I thought I would need to pinch myself. By the time they left, we were all counting down to the next visit, and the boys were forming some sort of secret club together.

Saturday saw the winter coat shopping trip, and the boys chose matching arctic camouflage. They like them, but heaven only knows how we will be able to keep them straight for whose is whose. Sunday was spent with quiet time, as David was horribly ill with some strange stomach bug. Even so, we all made it through to Monday morning just fine. David is at home, resting off the last of the illness, and the boys are at school.

Happy back-to-work-week from us.