Friday, August 3, 2007

breifly dispatched

Staying home with the boys this summer, up the mountain, and sort of getting that secluded, where-the-hell-are-the-adults feeling. Looking forward to getting a contract doing damned near anything after Labour Day. The boys start school again on the 22nd of this month, which seems practically criminal until you see how many snow days we always use.

I'm pretty let down about the restaurant. The owner was asking nearly three times the worth of the place, and failed to tell me about all the water damage. So scratch that.

Went to the DMV for license stuff yesterday and sat around in the otherwise deserted mall for 90 minutes. I swear that if i don't get a contract I'll just open a small hot dog and coke stand in crossroads. probably make a killing before it drives me nuts.

Things are going well at home. On Saturday we looked on a lark in a jewelery store that was going out of business, and i swear we almost walked out with some shiny stuff. It was odd-but-fun that we both got caught up in it, as we usually aren't really interested in bling sort of stuff. Then we came to our senses and left, continuing our journey to Uncle Charlie and Aunt Barbara's house for a family dinner. Gracious sakes I like these people. Morris gave us a ton of green beans and other harvest from the garden, along with some new & improved deer repellent.

TheEx is still a jackass of course. He has been screwing around with visitation and support, so i put a call in to my lawyer and we're going to go into court Once Again.

As for the absence, i fell at Wendy's -- i swear the title will be "I always knew fast food would kill me." It was raining, I was nicely dressed, and the only way in or out was over a concrete ramp which was slicker than dog snot on a doorknob. I slipped - duh - and went airborne before crashing into the pavement, hair shoes and glasses all over the place. I sat trembling with pain while i waited for David to come get me and the boys, and the rest of the day was taken up with the emergency room, both of them actually. I went directly to Community, but then was taken over to Roanoke Memorial to be seen by the orthopedist who had been in surgery all day. The RMH facility looked like it was a war zone, given the construction, what with plastic sheeting hanging about, construction materials and the lack of bed space. I was parked on a guerney alongside the nurses station, and David held my hand while the orthopedist set the arm. Honest, I don't think i've been through pain like that. Many thanks to Michael for taking the boys off our hands and heading to see Transformers on the day of the incident, and for being The Man while I had surgery during David's Big Honking Presentation. It's good to have family.

I fell on the 11th.A week later I had surgery, and a week after that I got the cast-splint-thingy removed. The break sucks, and i have a plate and three screws to rebuild it. the plate will likely have to come out in a couple months, once the bone has knit. Of course, I have no insurance, and I'm going to have to get a personal injury lawyer, since I think the whole of Wendy's corporate is so confused they don't know how to deal with me, so they are electing to do nothing at all. Fun.

We haven't been to the beach as yet, or taken anything like a typical vacation, given that so many of David's vacation days have been used to stay home with me or tote me to surgery or appointments. I'm thinking it would be fun to go for an extended weekend around Graeme's birthday, and then come home and flop while they are at the first week of school.

We have Harry Potter on audio and are listening to it together as a family in the evenings. It's very cool to do, and we're all on edge as we listen. Kinda cute, and reminiscent of the tales around the radio from the 30's.