Thursday, May 10, 2007

Let's Go, Rockets!

We went to the game. In the last inning, Ethan scrambled for the ball that went into the outfield, came up with it and chucjked it mightily to second base, just as he ought to have done. He is quite proud of himself, in just the right measure. He is looking forward to tonight's game, as are we all. Graeme in particular is looking forward to getting to watch the team.

For all the positive outcome of last night, I was wiped when we got home. Still in pumps from work, I turned on the tea kettle and reminded Ethan to strip off his uniform so it could be washed. David did the tuck-ins (though Graeme enojoyed another reading of The Baby BeeBee Bird) and made me tea. I fell asleep in front of the chess board and David took the mug from my hands and then tucked me in. I swear I have no recollection after that until this morning; I'm still wiped.

The game tonight promises to be good, with some of the nicest weather we have seen yet. There are two new rosebuds opening, and the first iris has come forth to display her colors. There's a roast slowly cooking at home, and despite the chaos i feel centered and calm. Weird, but that's me.