Friday, May 11, 2007

Eye on the ball

Wow. Ethan's attitude was spectacular all day long, and so remarkably so that I had several notes on what a delight he was at school. Then, at the game, he was present and on the team every step of the way: whether on the bench, in the outfield, or at bat, Ethan was part of what was going on, supportive and very there. I was immensely proud.

Michael is recovering from the hand surgery. He was in some serious pain when I saw him yesterday, but even so he joked about coming up for dinner that evening. I'm hoping that we will be able to have him up this weekend. It has been too long.

David has been a rock this week. This has been a hard week on us as people, and yet we are more than ever a couple. Kudos to David for being a partner that exceeds my wildest imaginings.

This morning on the way in, we were talking about who-knows-what when I mentioned wanting to change the mailbox. In overall function, it's perfect; i couldn't ask for better. But it's beige. While that makes sense on a lot of practical fronts, and it's cool that it matches the house siding, all i can see is a blank canvas. So we bandied some ideas about together and came up with a band of the tartan at the bottom with the name in a standout color. I like it.