Sunday, March 25, 2007

yesterday afternoon was a ball. i swear, we really are out of high school, but you wouldn't have known it to watch us playing in the arcade. David won at air hockey and Galaga, and we had a grand time. We swung at the batting cage -- him with baseball pitch and me with softball -- and took turns. I managed to connect nicely a couple times, despite having connected with my hand at one point (ouch).

Afterward, we neatened up a bit and went to dinner with Aunt Barbara and Uncle Charlie and i met Mom and Joe. I confess i was nervous at first, but by the time the salad arrived we had relaxed. By the time we got around to sharing cheesecake we were laughing at our own in-jokes. I really like this family.

Today David and I are on our way to the courts as he begins his tennis league for the spring. After having had a lovely and relaxed morning, I'm looking forward to watching the matches and hanging out with the other family folks on such a fine spring day.