Saturday, March 24, 2007


Spring is a time when i itch to plant; gardens, windowboxes, trees, you name it. I start designing with plants based on color and architectural notes, flowering season, fruit yeild, all sorts of things. David mentioned forsythia on the way down the maountain, and how he prefers when it is left to go to spray instead of trimmed. I agree, since i think it's the height of an exercise in futility and frustration when people plant forsythia and then want it to be a manicured hedge. I mean, if you want privet or boxwood, plant them.

While we were driving down the mountain we noticed some lovely redbud trees, and i mentioned that i would like to plant them as well as some flowering dogwood when we find what will be Our Farm. He mentioned the bradford pear as well, and the flowering cherry. I told him about how theresa was astonished that easter colors are all over the place at eastertime -- until she moved here (from vermont), she had never seen a purple tree before. I also like flowering magnolia trees, and other simply pretty things.

We saw a really neat tree that i don't know the name of. I started looking online for it and haven't found it yet, but have found neat articles on conservation and coffee, how to plan a botanical garden, and some great images from the online Modern Herbal. Who knew?