Monday, May 27, 2024

Drops of sunlight between the storms

The sun has finally come back out, and it’s trying to make up for lost time, blaring down in full-on summer intensity and making a steamy mess of the air above the waterlogged lawns. FarlowTheDog and I enjoyed a round of frisbee, and then he found a Very Good Stick, and then we both wanted water for our efforts. Back inside, I took out the bag of salad things I brought from home (many thanks to @Mistr for telling me about the existence of 2 gallon ziploc bags!). I washed two kinds of lettuces and a handful of broad-leafed spinach from the farm, added some fresh basil, radish microgreens, sugar snap peas, carrots, and cucumber. I was disappointed to realize I left the dried cranberries back at the loft, and decided to make use of the fresh fruit I have on hand — grapes, blueberries, and strawberries. I tossed the whole thing with olive oil, red wine vinegar, and cracked black pepper. It was the perfect foil to the day’s humidity, and left me feeling restored and refreshed. 


The local branch of the National Weather Service confirmed an F1 tornado touched down in the town next to me (about 8 miles or 12 km away). Another wave of storms is expected late afternoon or overnight, with possible high winds, hail, and—according to the weather service—“the possibility of a tornado cannot be ruled out.” Okay, Universe, I hear you. Time to charge the devices, rest up, and download any media that I might want to watch tonight (or even tomorrow—is Mother Nature conspiring to give me the day off?).   

I’m interested in checking out Drops of God, a multilingual show about sommeliers with tragic backstories and dysfunctional family pressures. Sounds like it’s just up my alley. I’m going to let season one download while FarlowTheDog and I take a short walk before it turns nasty again.