Thursday, June 15, 2023

Letters from Home: Thursday, June 15

Last night's sleep was very good, and I woke up not able to do much, but not physically debilitated. I didn't go to the sauna or on the walk. My head was letting me know that I could end up in an episode at any time, so I didn't leave the apartment at all or push myself to be be NotHere. I spent my time making tea and neatening up for all the Friday Activities which were starting very soon, beyond just logging into my actual job: Dishwasher Repair Guy coming in, House Cleaning, virtual session with Corrine, and an in-apartment visit with Erica.


At work, I started crafting my weekly log, which is always a bit of a scrapbook project that gets done between other tasks. The Dishwasher Repair Guy showed up just as the house cleaning crew arrived, and of course there was ten minutes of a dance while we all tried not to step on each other. I logged in to the team meeting which started just then and was very glad I had already prepared the space. The dishwasher guy did a few things with a shop vac (thank goodness for the mute button!) and said he would need to come back in an hour. (I haven't seen him again yet. This is the way of maintenance dudes. They're here and then not, mysterious as cats, though not as silent.) Vacuuming and other activities happened as well, and then, just as the morning meeting ended, everyone was gone.


I did some more on the weekly log and other work tasks and wrapped them all up with whole minutes to spare before the virtual meeting with Corrine. We had another great talk. After that I spent half an hour sweeping up things and answering a bunch of questions that came in during lunch, then met with Erica. I like that she likes having tea in my apartment, and I'm very glad that my Apartment Therapy has resulted in a welcoming space that can host a conversation with grace. This is lovely, and the conversation was wonderful. I feel very centered and whole.


Afternoon meetings are happening, and they are running far too long with too much detail for a Firday afternoon. Issues are being found that need to be prioritized and addressed, and our lead solutions engineer for this work is on vacation for three weeks. 
This is the way of programming. 


After work I absolutely have to spend 15 minutes recording the "hi, i'm a dweeb" video and posting it to the discussion board. Please don't get me started on how wrong it is that my written reflections of the week's material are only worth 1 point (percent of total grade) but the video is worth 10. Seems wrong. (Rant over; thank you for listening.) The second half-week starts today with all the homework due Monday, so I'll be going over the lectures and readings to square that away before Vivian's visit tomorrow morning.


Then I I have some few housework items that remain -- changing the sheets on the bed and washing the set I take off, doing the dishes once the dishwasher repair guy finishes (not sure that he's acutally coming back at this point??), and putting the week's groceries away when they get here this evening. Dinner tonight is going to be roasted chicken, a baked sweet potato, and a salad. I love the way the fresh bread makes such flavorful croutons without needing extra seasoning. 


After housechores, I'm looking forward to knitting and watching an episode of City on Fire or Redemption (a BBC series from last year that I can stream via Britbox). Either way, it's clean sheet day and clean house day, and Vivian comes in the morning. 


I feel centered and whole and able to be in the world.