Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Best Thanksgiving Ever

From a random chat

you know those ginormous pots of mums that are at the grocery store for super-cheap starting around halloween and hanging on until thanksgiving?

One Thanksgiving Day, I was b o r e d and wasn't on a plane to somewhere NotHere.

So I took an orange sheet (orange was all the rage then) and bought a bunch of mums. Cut the flowers off and put them in a basket (baskets, too were all the rage--people had actual basket parties! it was a weird time in America). I wrapped myself in the sheet, took the basket, and walked into the airport as though i belonged there, handed out flowers to the pilots and stewardesses (you could still call them that back then) and said "thank you for working today so families can be together."

best thanksgiving i ever had

might do it again this year.