Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Oh, I would Walk 500 Miles

Since June, I’ve been getting up and walking before logging in, and this is good for my soul — the benefits to my body all day are just extra. In August, I switched my schedule to be an hour earlier so that I could walk for as long as I wanted, without watching the clock, and sure enough it wasn’t long before I was back to my old regular mile-a-day habit at dawn. And any day that starts with the sauna can’t be bad.

Lately the days have been very long, and there seems to be a ton of chaos and emotionality everywhere, so a couple weeks ago, I added in an evening trip to the sauna as well, and this has had the predictable wonderful affects on my sleep being actually restful as well as restoring my sense of being grounded.

Today after another Very Long Tuesday, I walked in the evening, racking up another mile before heading to the sauna. This is the Way of Peace, friends.

So just for fun, and because it’s September and because all things autumnal make me think of Hobbits, I dusted off my old Walk to Mordor log. The first leg is from Bag End to Rivendell.

Day 1: 1.5 miles. Go through the gate into a lane. Head west.
Day 2: 1.5 miles in the morning. Leave the lane, follow the hedgerows south.
             1.0 mile in the evening. Cross the water on a plank bridge.

Welcome to September.
It’s going to be quite a journey.