Monday, December 20, 2021

Reading Days

I miss reading, and I may have done a bit too much yesterday. I only read about 100 pages (what used to take me an hour or two), but it took all day, on and off, not that I minded. The difficulty seems to be in having done it at all, as I awoke this morning all muzzy-headed and disoriented and with a headache. I’ll have to remember to take it slower as I go.
I met with the neurologist about the recent neurological events, what works, what doesn’t, and some precautions to take since I live alone (SUDEP is a real concern, she always reminds me, complete with link). We again discussed medications, and she suggested Lamictal, since it can be started very slowly and increased as needed over time, and it typically doesn’t interfere with cognition. All that sounds great, but I have a very troubling history with black-label medications, and this has a big one. If black came in neon, this medicine would qualify, especially as it is typically used for psychological issues, and its anti-convulsive is considered an off-label use, which means that the mood affect is a huge part of what this medication is all about. So no. She did also look and find that there is an in-network acupuncturist, and she wrote a referral to that. Holy smokes, this is a (possible) game-changer. Even though i doubt I will ever give up my current acupuncturist, being able to get some maintenance acupuncture through my insurance, and to get rides scheduled (to an *official* appointment) would be great.
All in all, I feel more myself as a reader and a writer, and as a student and as a person than I have in over a year, and this makes me more inclined to pursue non-pharmaceutical therapies for as long as possible. Covid variants are doing a number on therapeutic offerings, of course, and I am not looking forward to giving up my regular salt float, so in light of today’s visit I’ll not cancel everything just yet. [Salt floats and the massage therapy were on the chopping block as I try to stay out of the path of the virus; it’s not the respiratory issues that concern me, but the neurological component that every variant has. The last thing I need is a hit to the neurological system.]
The book I’m reading is over 400 pages long, and I’m looking forward to spending the day with it before going to the storage unit with a friend to pick up a few items that will help with (deeply needed) organization in the Loft. Overall, I like how the current round of nesting is coming along, and the apartment has a sense of place. [Jenna calls it a vibe, but I don’t know that it’s either that interesting or that trendy. In any case I take it as a compliment, since she’s young and definitely means it that way.]
Today is a day for tea, and reading, and maybe a trip to the sauna before that, too, is closed down.

May you have peace this day.