Thursday, April 29, 2021

18 hours later

18 hours after the second vaccine and a blanket of fatigue has just cloaked my shoulders while also it feels like every joint is being twisted in exactly the wrong direction.
I took what was left of my energy and set a chicken breast to thaw, then chopped an onion. It went into a pot with olive oil, turmeric, black pepper, rosemary, and salt. The I added a half cup or so each red lentils and yellow split peas and let that simmer while I peeled garlic, chopped the last of the kinda wilty celery and the white potatoes that were left from last week's delivery. (The red potatoes are still keeping well, so they can see a different recipe soon enough.) I stirred it and let it simmer while I fielded a couple emails, then added just enough chicken broth to cover the whole mess.

The bottle of room temperature water seems cool and refreshing against my tongue that feels hot and too big for my mouth.

I'm watching a bit more of There Will Be Blood while I wait for the chicken to defrost. Is there anything more luxurious than the way PT Anderson languishes camera time on his actors subtlely? It's an indulgence.