Friday, February 19, 2021

It starts with a trek

It starts with a trek, as all quests do, a man turning from society far older than makes any sense to begin, a long journey in isolation to a town almost forgotten, once vibrant, now a town of Cemeteries and gardens and falling apart mansions with greenhouses. Bridges and lampposts and brick buildings with iron clocks, stopped as if in shock at what the future became. Going to a river under the narrow bridge, its trusses carved with holy symbols of an order long since dead, spanning the river of Dreaming where the magi are known to have stashed their hoard. Questing for a keystone that will unlock the gate at the mansion wall, Opening a portal to an alchemist lab under the greenhouse with leaky glass panes.

Brick hearth with keystone fetched from the bank of the river of Dreaming, where magic are known to stash their hoard?