Saturday, August 1, 2020

Sit with that

This week saw a lot of sitting and simply being, mostly in pain. Most days I don't have pain, and it's easy for me to forget that it can come back, sneaking in like a knife of cold air from a door left ajar on a December night. Tuesday was a total wash; Wednesday was dicey, with some clearing just in time to host a friend for dinner, much-needed in-person contact. There was Scrabble. Wednesday night's conversation online went into the wee hours, and probably didn't do my constitution or my head any favors.

Thursday morning was worse than ever. I sat and knit during Writing Group, and jotted some things down a moment or two at a time. This is better than not writing, and I'm blessed to have the Group in my life, a gathering of Philosopher-Writers who hang out by zoom, mostly with mics muted, doing creative work. (My "office hours" are 9:30-12 Eastern; feel free to drop me a note.)

There were thunderstorms almost nightly this week, and I love them.

Yesterday finally saw some physical relief, though the aftermath day left me spent, as though I had been on a great journey. Perhaps this is more about walking in the Spirit, as there has been much insight that has come with the Disability days. When I sit in stillness, the Spirit is there.