Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Data Worm Weekly - 16

My horoscope this week:
This is a high pressure week for the Aries Ram. You could have a list of must-do’s as long as your arm or out of nowhere people are making demands on you, albeit for the best of reasons. Thus, right from the get-go set your inner-motor to turbo-power and your attitude to laid-back. Impossible? Well, get your priorities straight and you won’t go far wrong. On the 21st Venus enters your sign bearing her Easter basket filled with love and positive developments – oh, and a surprise or two. While there is a chance of an unexpected romantic proposal it won’t take much to flip a previously stable alliance into free-fall. Take a deep breath and smell those fragrant blossoms.
  • Gas Prices:
  • The high gasoline prices are now costing the U.S. consumers about $360 million more per day at the pump than a year ago. According to AAA, six states now have gasoline prices above $4 a gallon, which is considered the price tolerance threshold for consumer behavior change. Read more
  • Electricity Use:While most home appliances have become more efficient over the past 30 years, the average U.S. household uses many more consumer electronics — in particular, personal computers, televisions and related devices.
Markets:The Dow took a hiccup for the worse this week as the market absorbed the news from S&P regarding the United States' debt rating. Despite the downgrade Tuesday by Standard & Poor's, the Dow remained above 12,000, and bounced back quite handily on Wednesday. Meanwhile, commodities continued to make record-breaking gains. Gold broke into $1500 an ounce this week, and oil continues to remain well over $100 a barrel. Wheat and Corn show no sign of paring their gains of this year.