Saturday, June 27, 2020

Et tu, Alexa?

Me: "Alexa, play notifications."
Alexa: "Here's a station I think you'll like."

Even the eggs had something to say, not just one but both of them. Double double happiness in a pan.

The mustard-infused mayonnaise is excellent for an egg-sandwich brunch with local garlic-chive cheese and fresh cherries, just to remind us that it's June.

Before brunch, I read "Neighbors," by Anthony Tognazzini and found myself carried along. It's an elegant and graceful exploration of the Self in relationship with and in relationship to the Other.

This afternoon might see napping, knitting, and an application in addition to some writing. I'm missing Light Morning. I start to write -- about Utilitarianism, or on the novel, or even about Light Morning -- and my mind wanders, a clear sign I need to meditate or nap (or both) and just let go of thinking for a bit.