Thursday, April 9, 2020

Solar Return

Another trip around the Sun is complete, and what a year it has been. Songwriting, Night of Philosophy and Ideas, SOPHIA kicked things off; MRIs, CT scans, a spider bite, a discovery of lies, emergency room trips, and a hospital stay made things wonky; the Jedi Council, Arby's with old friends, cemetery walks, adventures in knitting, a mountain retreat, like-minded companions, daily phone calls, adventures with AirBNB held me; Writing, a Bard, basketball, a dog; the shredding of February and the perpetuity of March. I couldn't have dreamed last year, and at times I found the whole thing unbelievable, nearly contrived in its terror and its beauty, never tame or timid.

If last year was surprising and surreal, I can't imagine what the coming solar journey is going to look like in this new World That Is.