Friday, February 15, 2019


I drove 6 hours to participate in a round table discussion on Existentialism and Romantic Love. It was absolutely wonderful. Free Will, honest communication, vulnerability, and the price of acting -or not- to manifest fulfillment were discussed in terms of authenticity and what it means to live a life authentic happiness. I met fantastic fellow Philosophers. The round table was lively and thought-provoking; I expect that it will infuse the works of participants in coming years.
SOPHIA Lexington Knights of the Post Round Table: Henri, Derek, Erik, Jedidiah, and Lila

The post-discussion discussion at the pub was classic Philosopher's Free-For-All, with food, libations, and ideas flowing. Superheroes were debated. Makeup and Gender roles were analyzed. The value of capitalism was dissected. A logo was designed.

I think I might need to set up a Dark&Stormy Knight of Ideas world tour sheet. There might be posters. Possibly a tee shirt.