Saturday, February 17, 2007

i couldn't make this stuff up if i tried.

So here I am sitting in the library working on putting the coming academic dates into my calendar when i keep hearing this persistent, slightly rhythmic scratching or scraping sound. I look up and see a wiry, geekly guy standing at one of the computers in front of the reference area, moving against the counter wall. On his screen is a boris viello-esque drawing of the upper half of a nude torso, thankfully female. The playtime goes on for several minutes, all the while I'm trying to ignore what is otherwise a straight-on view of this man's antics. I'm doing a pretty good job of looking Anywhere Else until i notice the guy across the computer table from me is giggling his head off silently. When the Standing Man finishes, he adjusts himself and walks away from the terminal, impervious to our silent shaking at his expense.

I looked at the guy across from me and said, "The thing that gets me is that it's the express terminal."

When the reference librarian asked what the commotion was (including the scraping sounds), the other guy explained what happened, ending with "you probably don't want to let him in here any more." The librarian said "He comes in here every day."

No doubt.

I ended up having to leave my name and number in case i'm needed to testify as a witness.