Sunday, September 16, 2018

Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade is tender and sweet and spot-on, with just the right blend of awkward and true. There are moments of uncanny contextual commentary on our digital, derivative, self-obsessed culture juxtaposed with the bravery of our real selves.

Elise Fisher is absolute perfection in her presentation of imperfection and all that we crave not to be, and the way she carries herself through the film continues this narrative in the most telling of ways. She pulls at her hair just so, slouches when she walks, frowns when she types smiley faces.

Josh Hamilton is the father we all are, the father we all want, the parent we wish we could not be even as we are, and in so doing, he shows parenting as a pervasive and powerful presence, however imperfect, important in its availability.

This was beautiful and tender and true.